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A coalition government in the UK, with the usual desire to reform the NHS.

During a remarkably cold winter Influenza continues to circulate, with H1N1 the main strain and continuing the Swine Flu propensity for particularly bad effects on young and pregnant people.


December 2011

Successful gene therapy for Haemophilia B announced.

November 2011

The Department of Health announces that the human papillomavirus vaccine used for the vaccination programme will change in September 2012 from Cervarix to Gardasil.

October 2011

Nobody knows how the English NHS is supposed to run in the future. A health bill staggers through parliament.

June 2011

Pioglitazone risk of bladder cancer confirmed.

March 2011

Hydroxyethyl starch colloid fluids in particular have their evidence base challenged when 89 papers were withdrawn after investigation confirmed fraudulent data in one study by a proliferate author that was retracted for ethical reasons in December 2010.