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  • Year of the London Olympics.
  • Beginning of the end of the NHS in England with the passage of the Health and social care act 2012
  • Beginning of the end of all human life due to a new plague. Or perhaps just a demonstration of our increased ability to identify novel organisms, such as coronaviridae.


September 2012

A new coronavirus‎‎ may have jumped the species barrier with at least 1 death, just shortly before travellers start arriving in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj.

The end of the Northern Hemisphere holiday season brought news to 230,000 holiday makers who had visited Yosemite National Park of a hantavirus outbreak that killed at least 3 of their co-visitors.

The Rt Hon Andrew Lansley MP is judged and replaced by the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP as UK Secretary of State for Health.

An antenatal pertussis immunisation campaign, to start on 1 October 2012, is announced three days in advance (on 28 September).

August 2012

Medicare continues to be controversial in USA presidential campaign.

May 2012

Unusually, the current UK Secretary of State for Health, The Rt Hon Andrew Lansley MP, finds himself facing industrial action by doctors, following a BMA ballot of the profession. He doesn't regard this as anything to do with him or his policies, on Radio 4. He may not be able to demonstrate that to the judgement of history.

April 2012

Novartis challenges the commissioning of bevacizumab out of license as an alternative option to ranibizumab in wet age related macular degeneration. Case law in the UK relating to NICE technical appraisals and unlicensed drug use will be tested for the first time. Both drugs were originally developed by Genentech (now a subsidiary of Roche) but at the time Novartis obtained the marketing agreement for ranibizumab ouside the USA. Bevacizumab from Roche is considerably cheaper if the preparation marketed for cancer treatment is subdivided aseptically for intra-ocular injection. The resulting political and economic controversy is world wide but this is believed to be the first time an aspect is being legally tested in a jurisdiction.

March 2012

The Health and social care bill 2011‎ passes (becoming the Health and social care act 2012) despite widespread opposition.

January 2012

Clive Peedell and David Wilson run 6 marathons in 6 days in "Bevan's Run", to protest the Health and social care bill 2011‎.

The British Medical Association surveys its members over whether they would be prepared to take industrial action. But, sadly, over their pensions, rather than the Health and social care bill 2011‎.

The Association of Medical Royal Colleges pulls back from the brink of demonstrating that they have integrity and a backbone by not coming out in opposition to the Health and social care bill 2011‎.