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Activated PI3 kinase delta syndrome described.


October 2013

A new disease is identified. Activated PI3 kinase delta syndrome may account for around a tenth of Primary immunodefficiency.

Further UK 111 service contracts not to be made until April 2015 at earliest (when those not renounced by present providers expire).

August 2013

Extra funding was announced for English NHS Emergency Medicine Departments to relieve the current "winter crisis" accentuated by the opening of the 111 service in several parts of the country.

Medpedia despite the big backing of US medical schools quietly disappeared: http://laikaspoetnik.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/medpedia-the-medical-wikipedia-is-dead-and-we-missed-its-funeral/ . So, that commercial model does not work. The single speciality model for medical wikis failed with anaesthesia. Some good content was lost which is a pity.

July 2013

On the 22nd, a woman was delivered of a baby.

June 2013

May 2013

An Avian flu outbreak in China starts to have increased publicity as its features are characterised.

April 2013

1 April 2013 was the date on which many changes were made to health care in England. These include the abolition of Primary Care Trusts, as mandated in the Health and social care act 2012, and the creation of Clinical Commissioning Groups and the NHS commissioning board. This change was already in March creating problems. For example the Clinical Commissioning Groups discovered it was legally impossible to delegate certain decision making powers to more practically constituted consortium arrangements that pre-existing Primary Care Trusts had done for efficiency reasons. More humorously newly constituted sections of the NHS commissioning board used email distribution lists containing Scottish NHS email addresses to distribute key documents documenting new NHS arrangements for parts of England.

Of particular interest to those working in public health and health protection, many public health practitioners (doctors and others, including the Directors of Public Health) previously working in PCTs were moved into local government authorities (such as district, county, and borough councils); and CsCDC and others working for the Health Protection Agency were, along with others in other sender organisations (including public health observatories, cancer registries, drug and alcohol services...) were moved into a new body, Public Health England.

A natural experiment with measles and MMR immunisation runs in Swansea with at least one death of a young adult with measles.

March 2013

The 290 recommendations of the Francis report resulting from the Stafford enquiry are to be selectively implemented in the Government response.

A new non-medically staffed out of hours phone-answering service using the number 111 is rolled out area by area by the government. It works extremely badly. Interposed between patient and existing urgent care services it results in prolonged delays before calls are returned by a worker with a script, and diversion of some ambulant patients with questions for a GP into Emergency Departments via 999 ambulances. There is little surprise in the medical profession at this.

February 2013

The Stafford enquiry reports that the Trust was effectively managed toward the bad results it obtained. It may be that some of the ways the NHS are managed should change.

January 2013

First randomised controlled trial of stool transfer in Clostridium difficile infection published - it works well[1]