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Ebola virus disease outbreak, West Africa

See Ebola virus page.

Francis review of whistleblowing

See Francis review of whistleblowing 2014.

News events

November 2014

  • The UK National Audit Office confirms fears that the Government's Better Care Fund implementation is at least 50% too optimistic in terms of release of funding to allow self sustainability. Any bail out when true figures known will be after the next general election.
  • The USA still does not have a Surgeon General with evidence of lack of public health coordination being blamed by some on this, and awaits the impact of a changed political landscape due to election results on its healthcare reforms.

October 2014

  • Successful spinal cord regeneration after sharp transection is obtained in man in a technique using olfactory ensheathing cells.
  • The blame game within WHO and directed by the voluntary sector at other parties for the failure to contain the West African Ebola fever epidemic is well under way. USA public health authorities express confidence that the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the USA in Dallas, Texas in a traveller from Liberia and the first cases contracted in the USA - in two of his medical attendants - will be contained. 3000 US troops are committed to West Africa to assist in managing the continuing epidemic.

September 2014

  • Spanish Flight: The pre-eminence of Paediatric views over parental views and how to react to expressed differences that may have child protection implications received prominent attention. European arrest warrants might impair medical care for children in some circumstances. Prime and Deputy Prime Ministerial attention was attracted. Appropriately. The problem is not entirely simple.

August 2014

  • Preliminary reports emerge of a specific treatment for Ebola virus infection.
  • The Ebola outbreak is declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organisation.

July 2014

  • The West African Ebola fever outbreak is now the largest ever historically.

June 2014

May 2014

  • Statins become front page news in the UK when a review article on their safety widely quoted by anti-statin lobbyists is shown to be flawed
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) announced worries over the spread and potential further spread of Polio because of, within and from areas of conflict in Pakistan and Syria and in Cameroon. Syria is at war, Pakistan has poorly controlled areas where attacks on medical staff occur, and Cameroon borders on Nigeria where deliberate interruptions of the Polio eradication programme had occurred previously. Inoculation of incoming travellers from areas where Polio has been reported may be necessary.

April 2014

  • The Queensland government wound in their necks a little and returned to the negotiating table they had refused to revisit.
  • In a further advance in understanding human fertility the egg's receptor protein for the sperm's Izumo proteins is characterised, with the suggestion it be renamed Juno.
  • The Ebola Fever outbreak in Guinea is evident in at least one neighbouring country. Deaths rise through 80.
  • Total deaths from MERS exceeds 100, most in Saudi Arabia.

March 2014

An outbreak of Ebola virus in Guinea for the first time killed around 60 people. Samples were sent to France for confirmation of the virus.

The dispute between Queensland doctors and their government over terms and conditions continued.

February 2014

First human death from avian influenza H10N8 reported - it occurred in November 2013 in China.

January 2014

One death from H5N1 influenza is reported in Canada. The patient flew into Edmonton from Beijing. Low level activity continues in China itself as does the more concerning H7N9 outbreak.