Abraham Colles

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23 July 1773 to 16 November 1843. Irish Surgeon. Professor of Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland.[1]

Eponymous Terms

Colles fascia 
Inner layer of superficial fascia – Scarpa’s fascia – of perineum.
Colles fracture 
Transverse fracture of the radius just above the wrist with displacement of hand backward and outward (dorsal displacement of the distal fragment). The injury in the opposite direction is known as a Smith's fracture, named after another Irish surgeon, Robert Smith, one of Colles' contemporaries.
Colles law 
A child born to a mother who has no signs of venereal symptoms, and presents with this disease at the age of a few weeks, will infect the healthiest nursemaid, but not its mother.
Colles ligament 
A deep triangular fibrous band extending from the eponeurosis of the external oblique – M. obliquus externus abdominis – to the pubic tubercle – Tuberculum pubicum – of the opposite side.