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Tu Youyou first isolated in the 1970's artemisinin,[1] an antimalarial agent from the artemisins derived from the herb Artemisia annua, a herb long used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat malaria (known as Qinghao or Qinghaosu; 青蒿). The story of the (re)discovery is recounted by Dr Tu in a Nature Medicine article.[2] It is recommended for use in areas where chloroquine-resistant falciparum infections are endemic.[3]

It may be combined with other agents in ACT (artemisinin-based combination therapy),[4] e.g. lumefantrine (to give co-arthemether, Riamet® in the UK) to prevent development of resistance.

However, resistance to the drug has been described in Cambodia[5][6] and is increasing.


Have been described.[7]


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