Biliary tree

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Biliary tree
Anatomical context of biliary tree

System: Biliary Tree
Function: Bile secretion
Origin: Liver (hepatocytes)
Branches: Left hepatic, right hepatic and cystic ducts
Insertion: Bile papilla of duodenum
Arterial supply: Hepatic artery and its branch cystic artery
Venous drainage: Cystic vein and portal vein
Lymphatic drainage: Hepatic glands including the cystic gland
Vertebral levels:
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Posterior view of liver and gallbladder. Legend: 1. Left hepatic duct; 2.Right hepatic duct; 3. Common hepatic duct; 4. Cystic duct; 5. Bile duct

Normal common bile duct diameter between 5-8mm. Allowance for a larger diameter is sometimes accepted in older patients.[1] The diameter of the duct may increase or decrease following cholecystectomy, but the change is generally not significant.[2][3]