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Brian Deer is an investigative journalist with a track record of reporting on (among other things) medical issues.

Deer's Channel 4 "Dispatches" television report about Andrew Wakefield and the MMR scare may have been a key factor in the shift of public opinion back in favour of the vaccine. Details of Deer's work on the MMR scare are available at his web site.[1][2][3][4]

Deer had earlier worked on a vaccine associated with a similar scare - the diphtheria, tetanus and (whole-cell) pertussis (DTP) vaccine scare of the 1970s. As the articles on his web site show, he concluded that few, if any, of the people who received "vaccine damage payments" due to harm allegedly caused by the jab had actually been harmed by it - in most cases another diagnosis had subsequently been found.[5]

Other articles featured on his web site cover drug research, the pharmaceutical industry and specific drugs and E coli O157.[6] His work is summarised on his home page.