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Named after the first author of the original paper - surgeon Miss Carol A. Makin.[1]

IgG2a murine monoclonal antibody described in 1984[1] which binds to low molecular weight keratins and in particular keratin 8 (K8). There is some uncertainity as to the extent it binds to keratin 7 (K7) and other keratins in biological systems. Used in histopathology to identify secretory epithelial cells and for malignancy typing. Mesotheliomas generally stain more intensely than adenocarcinomas[2]. It is known that anaplastic B cell lymphoma[3], ependymomas[4] and up to 10% of melanomas[5] or sarcomas including synovial (synovial sarcomas, of course, being biphasic tumours with one an epithelioid component; the 'synovial' part of the name is a misnomer).[6] can have focal staining so specificity can be an issue.

The antibody is commercially available from Becton Dickinson and antigen is expressed by most carcinomas:


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