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A membrane glycoprotein metallo-endopeptidase coded for at 3q25.1-q25.2.



Inactivates several peptide hormones including:

by cleaving them at the amino side of hydrophobic residues. Found particularly on:

  • Brush border of proximal tubules
  • Glomerular epithelium
  • Endometrial stromal cells
  • Prostate epithelium
  • Hepatocytes
  • Immature myeloid cells
  • Immature B and T cells, some follicular B-cells
  • Vaginal and vulval tissues.[1]

Significance in disease

Expressed in:

Significance in treatment

A neprilysin inhibitor prodrug, AHU377, is contained in the drug LCZ696 which is under development to treat hypertension and heart failure[2]