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The term care home was defined legally about 2000 , to cover what were previously known as residential homes and nursing homes.

For the purposes of this Act, an establishment is a care home if it provides accommodation, together with nursing or personal care, for any of the following persons.

  • They are-
    1. persons who are or have been ill;
    2. persons who have or have had a mental disorder;
    3. persons who are disabled or infirm;
    4. persons who are or have been dependent on alcohol or drugs.
  • But an establishment is not a care home if it is-
    1. a hospital;
    2. an independent clinic; or
    3. a children's home,

or if it is of a description excepted by regulations. Crown © [1]

Care homes and primary care services

Patients resident in care homes are usually registered with a GP in the same way as anybody else is.

Guidance on visiting care homes is available; that produced by North Staffordshire Local Medical Committee is considered a good example.[2]