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A complex tissue type, with a variety of functions. These include:

  • Articulation of joints
  • Template for bone development
  • Structural support, e.g. nose and ear.

With time it can become calcified and eventually turns to bone. (Calcified cartilage removed by chondroclasts)



Hyaline cartilage


  • closely resembles dense regular connective tissue
  • found at insertion of ligaments and tendons and on rim of intervertebral discs
  • cell in lacunae have thin capsules
  • chondrocytes in small amount of cartilage matrix in rows between parallel collagen type I fibres

Elastic cartilage

  • e.g. external ear
  • more opaque and yellowish in colour
  • less abundant matrix
  • much of matrix is elastin fibres
  • develop from areas of primitive connective tissue