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Microsoft Windows is the most widespread series of desktop operating systems on Earth. Why it occupies this coveted position is open to interpretation (no flame wars please). A history of the operating system is available on Wikipedia on Windows and it is the standard to which other present operating systems are compared.

It will be familiar to almost all, and will continue to be the laptop and desk top operating system that NHS systems in the UK will use. Variants of it are used to run small servers. It's emphasis on rapid addition of functions has led to it having extensive functionality but robustness lagging behind, and security lagging considerably behind other operating systems designed to run on today's computer hardware. However, as much software, some of which can be regarded as state of the art, has been developed to use only Microsoft Windows its future as an operating system seems presently secure.

Below we have a directory of common problems with various flavours of Windows and some suggested solutions, as discussed on the DNUK Computing forum, amongst other places on the web.

Be aware that out of the box Win 10 can be made more secure (eg as at UK Cyber security centre EUD Security Guidance: Windows 10 hardening recommendations a document that also suggests some of the unmitigated faults of this OS, especially the consumer versions that do not allow much of this hardening).

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