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See Wikipedia on monoclonal antibodies. Used as both drugs and diagnostic reagents. This is such a rapidly developing therapeutic field that there are major international differences in availability and licensed status of the various drugs. These drugs act on different proteins and are therefore not one class of drug at all. By 2006 there were well over 160 in clinical trials worldwide.

The INN names convey quite a lot about the antibody[1] vis:

List of stems for monoclonal antibody nomenclature[2]
Prefix Intended target when developed Source of binding portion Suffix
variable -ba(c)- bacterial -a- rat -mab
-ci(r)- cardiovascular -e- hamster
-co(l)- colonic tumor -i- primate
-go(t)- testicular tumor -o- mouse
-go(v)- ovarian tumor -u- human
-le(s)- infectious lesions -xi- chimeric
-li(m)- immune modulating -zu- humanized
-ma(r)- breast tumor
-me(l)- melanoma
-pr(o)- prostate tumor
-tu(m)- miscellaneous tumor
-vi(r)- viral



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