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Only classify drugs that do not hold a current license in any major first world economy here. The terms licensed/unlicensed/out of license/off label are interpreted differently in different jurisdictions and indeed should be regarded as medical jargon as opposed to legal terms. For example in the UK an unlicensed medication means a medication without a marketing authorisation or used outside its marketing authorisation. In the USA the terms are marketing approval or clearance.

Note that the status of a drug can change rapidly and this classification should only be interpreted as a potential indicator of drug status. Please notify Ganfyd if it comes to your notice that this status is incorrect. If relevant use subcategories for single economies. There have been many effective drugs, such as metformin where differential licensing has impaired optimal treatment and even more such as natalizumab or ximelagatran where real life experience in one health economy prevented premature approval in others. Also see Category:Licensed medicines.