Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist or GP Registration

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The Certificates of Eligibility for Specialist Registration and the for GP Registration (CESR and CEGPR) are alternate routes to registration as a specialist or GP.

Routes have therefore been developed to enable doctors who have not completed General Medical Council (GMC) approved specialist programmes to demonstrate that they have the knowledge, skills and experience equivalent to that required for a Certificate Completion of specialty Training (CCT) for practice as a consultant in the NHS. These are referred to as the ‘equivalence routes’ to specialist registration. Doctors who demonstrate equivalence receive from the GMC a Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR). The requirement for the GMC to provide an equivalence route is statutory by virtue of “The Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Order of Council 2010, article 8.” The application process is the same for all medical specialities, and providing Doctors meet the eligibility criteria laid down in the legislation, the GMC must consider an application for a CESR. The GMC do not require Doctors to have passed the relevant postgraduate examination specified in the CCT curriculum in any medical speciality to be awarded a CESR. The criteria for awarding a CESR, within the constraints laid down by European directives and UK legislation, are solely within the powers of the GMC.

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