Circumflex scapular artery

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The circumflex scapular artery is a branch of the subscapular artery.

Circumflex scapular artery

System: Arterial
Origin: Subscapular artery
Branches: Infrascapular branch, lateral branch, branches to muscles
Arterial supply: To deltoid, long head of triceps
Venous drainage:
Lymphatic drainage:
Vertebral levels:
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Anatomical Course

The artery is a branch of the subscapular artery. It curves backwards to cross the lateral scapular border, entering a small 'triangular space' (NB different from the triangular space). It enters the infraspinous fossa deep to teres minor where it gives off numerous branches, before supplying the skin above this area.


The artery often gives off two branches in the infraspinous fossa. One infrascapular branch returns to the subscapular fossa to anastamose with several arteries; the other lateral branch continues along the lateral scapular border between teres major and teres minor. Smaller branches supply individual muscles.


In the 'triangular space':


Arterial Supply to

Clinical Relevance

  • Used as a pedicle to create an osteomyocutaneous flap in plastic surgery.