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QuotationMarkLeft.png My name is Clive Peedell and I am Consultant Clinical Oncologist working for the NHS in the North East of England. Contemporary.

I am co-chair of the NHS Consultants' Association and a member of BMA Council and BMA political board. I have been an active campaigner against NHS privatisation and market based reforms.

I believe that a publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable NHS is the most cost effective and equitable way to deliver healthcare to our nation's population. QuotationMarkRight.pngBevan's Run blog[1]

In January 2012 Dr Peedell, with Dr David Wilson (a fellow Consultant Clinical Oncologist), ran the 160 miles from Bevan's Statue in Cardiff to the Department of Health, Richmond House, in London over 6 days in protest against the Health and social care bill 2011. He was joined by various other medical politicians, including RCGP President Dr Clare Gerada, for the final stages of the run, delivered “Bevan’s Postcard” to the Department Health, and gave a short speech, along with speeches by others including Professor Ian Banks (President of European Men’s Health Forum, BMA Council), Dr David Wrigley (GP from Lancashire, BMA Council), Dr Jacky Davis (co-chair NHS Consultants’ Association, BMA Council), Dr Lucy Reynolds (Research fellow LSHTM) and Professor Allyson Pollock (Queen Mary, University of London).