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Essential to man, and gives hydroxocobalamin that lovely placebo colour. Cobalt toxicity, caused for example by breakdown of metal to metal hip implants has been associated with dilative cardiomyopathy.
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This is presently poorly understood and is likely a function of the free ion Co2+, rather than that bound to other substances such as albumin. A review suggests cardiomyopathy and vision or hearing impairment, are reported at peak blood Co concentrations over 700 µg/L (8-40 weeks). Hypothyroidism and polycythaemia occur with briefer exposures with serum levels above 300 µg/L. The MHRA recommend yearly monitoring of blood levels in those with certain metal to metal implants. Perhaps one should not get too concerned with levels less than 300 µg/L but we do not know and will await the long term results of the monitoring exercise on approximately 1 million patients world wide who started their potential exposure between 2001 and 2010 by receiving metal on metal implants[2][3].