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Cognitive therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of talking therapy useful in the treatment of many psychological problems.



The father of cognitive therapy was Aaron Beck an American Psychiatrist who become disillusioned with traditional psychotherapy as outlined by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. His disillusionment began when the results of therapy, seemed to him, to be poor.

Beck suggests that the reason we have many psychological difficulties is that we listen to a negative thought process running through our heads. We continually have an "inner dialogue" in ordinary day-to-day life going on inside our head. Decisions we make often involve listening closely to these thoughts.

However, if we become depressed, for example, we begin to think more negatively and listen more attentively to these negative thoughts and ideas.

Approach and Uses

Cognitive therapy attempts to get the sufferer to tune in to these negative thoughts and through a variety of techniques to begin to challenge these inner ideas.

Cognitive therapy can be used to help people with a variety of problems; depression, anxiety, insomnia, anger and so on.

Specialists in this area also use this therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome, drug addiction, anorexia, personality disdorder and psychoses.


Recently CBT has become more widely discussed as it now mentioned throughout recent guidelines for the treatment of some mental illness. However, it is not suitable for some individuals, it is not a psychological panacea for all ills. Morever, access to this treatment can be limited as there are fewer therapists than are necessary for it to become part of mainstream treatment early in the course of an illness in primary care.

Internet-based CBT web sites

A number of web sites provide, or claim to provide, cognititive therapy. Ganfyd cannot recommend any; but people may wish to try: