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Cold is a deficit of heat or the capacity to absorb heat from a body or part of a body or environment.

Cold as a therapy

Application of cold is a desirable initial treatment of many acute injuries - the C of R.I.C.E for sprains, and almost the first thing to do to a burn or scald.

Baron Larry, Napoleon's surgeon general, noted that the limbs of wounded soldiers who had lain in the snow for some time were rendered anaesthetic. Freezing sprays etc have been used for surface analgesia or anaesthesia but the technique is less controlled and effective than is desirable. Ethyl chloride, one substance used, is also explosive.

Cold injury

Excessive exposure to cold, or local or global exposure of tissues to excessively cold environments or objects can produce a variety of injuries - frostbite and non-freezing cold injury and or hypothermia.

See also cryotherapy.

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