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Established combined oral contraceptives include the following formulations:



  • Migraine, especially with focal signs.
  • Many contraindications of various contraceptive methods (including combined oral contraceptive pill) is available in pages 13-19 of UKMEC 2005.[1]
  • Venous thromboembolism (past or present)

Special Considerations


Follow up

Once women are established on the combined pill without problems, there is no merit in following them up more frequently than annually, and it makes sense to provide them with a year's supply of their Pill. This is of course 13 packets, not 12. [2]


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  2. NHS Clinical Answers service: Question: 1) Is there any evidence to show that should review COCP users 6 monthly. 2) Is there any evidence to show why we should not review uncomplicated COCP users yearly rather than 6 monthly?

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