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Concanavalin is a carbohydrate binding protein. This is used in glycoprotein enrichment of biological samples. It can also be used to detect putative bacterial binding proteins such as some human salivary protein.

  • Concanavalin A (Con A) is a Ca2+/Mn2+-dependent and mannose/glucose-binding legume lectin with anti-neoplastic and hepatotoxic properties. It acts on cell signaling via myelin protein zero-like protein 1. Impairment of concanavalin A-inducible lymphocytes, mainly suppressor T cells may be important in some disease processes such as primary biliary cirrhosis.
  • A concanavalin produced by Malasizia and so be a factor in seborrhoeic dermatitis. Whether this is causal is unclear.
  • Concanavalin-Br (Con Br) from Canavalia brasiliensis (Brazilian jack bean) is a molluscicide so could be used to control schistosomiasis.
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