Follicular dendritic cell

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Follicular dendritic cells are a key cell type in the modulation of the immune response and were discovered in 1965[1]. They express the CD10 antigen that stimulates the B cell response but because they have not so far been characterised to have an unique cell marker (as of 2011) their role in capturing and retaining antigens within secondary lymphoid organs and the consequential immunological response, particularly humoral immunity, is incompletely understood[2]. Dendritic cells induce and maintain tolerance to self and immunity to non-self by integrating the innate and adaptive immune systems. They can also express the prion protein and if they do express the infective conformation this is associated with CNS spread of prion disease[3].

Functions include:

One issue is that mouse dentritic cells seem to work in different ways to human dentritic cells. As an example of limitations of knowledge some functions can be guessed by studies of dentritic cells in the human skin there are at least three different subsets and only one cell subpopulations functions may be well understood[2]:

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