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The Doctors' and Dentists' Review Body (DDRB) is a body established to set the pay of doctors and dentists in the UK.

It invites evidence from a range of stakeholders, including the BMA and the government, and then decides how much doctors' pay should increase in the following year.

In principle the DDRB matches doctors' pay with others doing similar jobs in the public and private sector, and ensures that doctors' pay continues to match that of others doing comparable jobs, and on comparable incomes. In practice it has been suggested that the DDRB has failed to maintain doctors' incomes in line with others, partly because of pressure from the treasury, and partly because the government has refused to fully meet the DDRB recommendations. There is evidence[1] that doctors' income has been falling over many years. (According to a Guardian article, GPs pay was two and a half times the average in 2005, whereas 40 years earlier it had been three and a half times the average.[2])

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