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This article is a stub. Please feel free to expand it and make it more encyclopaedic. (DNUK) is an internet portal created in 1998, restricted to registered medical practitioners (and mainly for UK-registered practitioners).

It has an active internet forum and webmail function. It also hosts educational modules on various topics, which can be used for continuing professional development (CPD).

DNUK had over 130,000 members in Q1 2008 which had increased to 180,000 by Q3 2011. Membership is currently free and this is subsidized by advertising.

In August 2011 it was acquired by the US subsidiary of M3 Inc a Japanese corporation (it had Sony corporation as a major initial shareholder) for £13.4 million[1][2].

Several pages in ganfyd are annotated with references to DNUK threads. The forum software was updated in 2016 resulting in a change to how forum posts are accessed. The old links such as this can be accessed in this format: