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Greek "dromos" fast runner. Babylonian "gammalu" a dromedary

Dromedary words are becoming more common. They are words with at least one Capital letter in the middle where parts of two capitalised words have been pushed together as a single word, usually he name of a product. The imaginative picture is of a hump in the middle. Although of doubtful gramatical provenance (most are from marketing departments) they are eyecatching.[1]

They came to the fore in the 1980s. For example Medline is the long established computerised catalogue of the National Library of Medicine whereas PubMed is the program for gaining access to it.

The computer language Perl refers to the usage as CamelCase and the picture on the Perl website [2]is of a dromedary not a camel. Perhaps this discussion is best left in the hands of lexicographers and zoologists.


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