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We think GANFYD was the first dedicated medical wiki, but others have certainly copied the concept. There is no question that GANFYD is an information experiment that is likely to have a finite life time, but at this time we continue better than some. In an effort to learn from history we note here a few failed medical Wikis:

  1. DUNK Medipaedia
    • This source had restricted access (to members of a doctors internet community, that indeed many of the users of GANFYD belong(ed) to)
    • It was not based around the mediawiki software engine
    • Content became the property of DUNK
    • At one time the owners of DNUK (founded 1998) and GANFYD founders had discussions around DUNK hosting GANFYD
    • DUNK was sold by its founders to the Tokyo listed M3 corporation in August 2011
    • in November 2012 DUNK announced that Medical Image Library, eCases and Medipaedia will be removed from the website in January 2013
  2. Medpedia
    • This was launched on 17 February 2009.
    • It used modified heavily modified mediawiki software with multiple features not present on GANFYD or AskDrWiki
    • It's initial article number, based on content donated by a number of medical institutions was greater than both
    • It was abruptly discontinued in early 2013 having required investment of the order of US$ millions apparently[1]
  3. Wikithesia
    • This was created in 2006 and discontinued in 2013 by the owner and main contributor.