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May 2016

April 2016

February 2016

  • Analysis of the fine print of NHS planning and policy documents released late 2015 to January 2016 reveal reassertion of central control of NHS spending in England and major impacts on parts of the service such as community pharmacy provision. Such a reform was not unexpected. Further fine tuning central control documents are expected with the publication of the Carter review.
  • The government proposes to impose a contract on Junior doctors in England from August. Further industrial action follows.
  • A Private Members Bill (and thus unlikely to progress) to remove from doctors controls on working hours common to the European Community is to be given a second reading in Parliament.

January 2016


December 2015

  • Talks to avoid a junior doctors strike in England in January are reported to be not going well
  • Ebola transmission ended in Guinea.

November 2015

  • Three new cases of Ebola in Liberia which had been declared free of Ebola transmission.
  • Junior Doctors in England vote by 98% to strike
  • Colistin resistant gene MCR-1 gene spreads widely in enteric bacteria from focus in China where colistin type antibiotics widely used as veterinary growth promoters in pigs. This is not the specific practice in many other parts of the world, but highlights that the food industry has contributed significantly to poor antibiotic stewardship practice
  • Gene therapy using transcription activator-like effector nuclease technology produces first complete remission of childhood lymphoblastic leukaemia

October 2015

  • The West African Ebola outbreak appears to be fully contained but given infectivity now known to sometimes persist for months Ebola free does not mean no new cases possible
  • Nobel prize in medicine awarded to discoverers of ivermectin for roundworm infection (one of which Ascaris lumbricoides is discovered to increase human fertility at the end of the month) and the discover of artemisinin for malaria

September 2015

  • The previously postulated prion like properties of some variants/processed products of amyloid precursor protein important in Alzheimer's disease and some cerebral amyloid angiopathy get media attention.
  • The BMA ballots junior doctors on strike action on an imposed contract in England shortly after it enters negotiation on a new consultant contract.
  • The West African Ebola virus outbreak has simmered for a month at 2-3 new cases a week.
  • WHO notes that there is insufficient engagement to prevent a serious outbreak of MERS.

August 2015

  • NHS doctors in general are unhappy with the UK government's proposals for 7 day non-emergency working suggested as an intervention to address weekend mortality. This results in the withdrawal of junior doctors from negotiation.

July 2015

June 2015

  • Coronavirus MERS outbreak in South Korea, from travel to Saudi and escaping to China. More rapid and precise public health measures might have contained this.

May 2015

  • Campaigning for the UK General Election is on a platform of no major re-organisation of the NHS.

March 2015

  • Report on another NHS scandal -this time on over 6 years of poor maternity care around Morecambe Bay.
  • Use off licence of medications is clarified in UK by both government and courts.

February 2015


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