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This article is a work in progress. Please feel free to contribute to it.

ganfyd is a collaborative medical reference. It is the first of its type, so exactly what it is is still evolving.

There are some things that it is not:-

  • ganfyd is not a collection of links. Collections are useful, even since Google, but there are many of them already.
  • ganfyd is not GP Notebook. GP Notebook is good, but it is of an older model, where a few authors make their assertions on the pages, and the rest of the world may read them, but cannot change them.
  • ganfyd is not Virtual Hospital. The first medical website was good, but was of the sort described above, writ larger, and its copyright licence did not prevent failure of funding in 2005 from stopping upkeep of its content when it closed in 2006.
  • ganfyd is not Wikipedia, or an encyclopedia. Wikipedia is good, but it is not aimed at a medical audience, and the authors are not in all cases qualified in what they write.
  • ganfyd is not ephemeral, or removable, or sequesterable. Material added here, within its copyright, cannot be taken away from the Commons, nor can the right to re-use it by editing be taken away from the registered medical practitioners in the groups named in the licence.
  • ganfyd is not written for high school students. The WP is written at an encyclopedia level, ganfyd is written for doctors and medical students, although anyone else is welcome to read it. Some of the writing may be complicated.
  • ganfyd is not a paper book. Paper medical textbooks are limited to a size that one can hold, and that purchasers might buy. ganfyd is able to use an effectively infinite information space, and therefore nothing need be left out because it would make the collection too large. Organisation is required though, and an approach of layering information, so that the minority who need to dig deeper, or even much deeper, are helped to do so while those who need "15 second knowledge" can get it at first try.