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There is no provision to capture or use information relating to users - readers - of this reference system. IP addresses will be noted by the web-server in the usual fashion, and might occasionally be viewed in normal operation of the server and of the site. They are not deliberately retained, and any analysis will be on no more detailed a scale than looking at the number of hits from a particular country or group of countries, along with what pages are most popular, in order to direct development attention to parts of the site.


See cookies.

Patient Identifiable Information

We provide no means for capturing this, and do not expect to receive or accumulate any.


The information of proper name and medical professional registration details is held and must be held for each editor. This is public information but is not expected to be given out from here, nor used for any purpose unconnected with the running of the site.

Malicious Contributors

In the event of any vandalistic or malicious editing of material there is no limit to the steps we will take to identify, pursue, and harm in totally legal fashions the perpetrator. This is distinct from The Wikipedia, where a certain amount of vandalism is accepted, because of the effort here to ensure qualification of material and the importance we attach to it. This has nothing to do with errors and opinions.

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