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Info bulb.pngNeither exercise, recent sexual intercourse, nor flying were associated with microscopic haematuria.[1]

Macroscopic haematuria is Urology

Microscopic haematuria is Nephrology, or in people over say 40-50 may be urological. It is common in healthy people and investigation should be limited and proportionate. Microscopic haematuria can be detected by testing urine with a urine dipstick test. These are commercially available biochemical tests on a strip. This is an example of a near-patient test.

Actual confirmation of dipstick detected microscopic haematuria by light microscopy may not be helpful as erythrocytes may lyse in acidic urine and after prolonged storage.[2] The Papanicolaou staining process also includes a fixation step with glacial acetic acid, that also causes haemolysis.

Anecbubble.pngA doctor with microscopic haematuria

BMJ 2000;320:165-166

He waited and watched.



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