Health care industry in India

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Health Care in India

It can be divided into

  1. Government facilities
  2. Private establishments and
  3. Charitable hospitals

Government facilities

Both central and state governments spend modest amounts on health

Indian government spends less on health care compared to the advanced western nations. Most of the expenditure goes towards illness prevention and the range of provision varies from the most basic in rural areas 'Primary Health Centres' funded by the local governments to the large national Institutes funded by the Central government

Most of the funding goes towards

  1. Disease prevention immunisation programmes, nutritional supplements to the vulnerable sections, malaria eradication programme etc
  2. Medical college Hospitals in large cities 'Multi-specialty hospitals'
  3. National institutes: 'Advanced facilities'

Private Health Care

Private health care in India is now assuming a size that will soon overtake its IT sector. Indeed some involves the IT sector such as reporting of imaging done half the world away.

Snap shots of the private health care facilities over the years reveals the phenomenal change taking place in major cities, that is now spreading to smaller cities and big towns

Charity hospitals

There are some large charity hospitals in various parts of the country Their contribution is increasing but they have not reached sufficient size to be relied upon to provide health care on a massive scale.

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