Health and social care bill 2011

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The health and social care bill 2011 will, if passed, impose massive changes on the health and social care systems in England.[1][2][3]

The bill is opposed by the British Medical Association and the Royal College of Nursing. Clare Gerada, President of the Royal College of General Practitioners is an outspoken critic, and the RCGP snapshot of its members views published on 10 October 2011 suggests its members mostly oppose the bill.

Relatively few medical Royal Colleges opposed the bill outright, at least initially, feeling it better to lobby to improve the bill, rather than to block it altogether. By the end of January 2012, however, their views against the bill seem to becoming more inclined to oppose it.

A poll undertaken by 38 Degrees and YouGov, published on 29 January 2012 showed that few people working in the NHS feel that the bill will be in any way beneficial.

The King's Fund, by contrast, appears to support the bill.

The government has - despite a ruling from the Information Commissioner that they should do so - refused to publish the risk register associated with the bill.[4]

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