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Save up some of your salary for emergencies.

LogoWarningBox4.pngTHis is not financial advice, seek that from an expert

Health insurance comes in two main sorts:-

  • Income protection
  • Cover for the costs of treatment - in the UK of private treatment

Income protection

Income protection divides in two, and doctors should consider they may have a separate need for each:-

  • Long term cover - to support a style of life if the insuree became unable to work again - this generally does not become active until six months of incapacity.
  • Short term cover - starting after a period of days or weeks and persisting for typically six months. This is intended to cover a reduction in income following an injury or recuperation from an illness or operation.

In the UK doctors working in hospital have some short term cover provided by their employment conditions - note that this may not apply to someone who becomes ill between jobs. GP registrars should be aware of the change from hospital to Practice.