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Range of normal heart rates by age
Age Range Heart Rate
Premature 120-170
<3 months 100-150
3-12 months 80-120
1-3 years 70-110
3-6 years 65-110
6-12 60-100
Adult 60-100

Usually refers to the ventricular heart rate. The pulse is a product of left ventricular contraction. Usually measured over a minute.

In adults, slow (bradycardia )is arbitrarily defined as less than 60 beats per minute. Fast is arbitrarily defined as more than 100 beats per minute.

Abnormalities in pulse rate should be interpreted in the clinical context. The bradycardia of 45 in an extremely fit individual is of no consequence. Whereas a heart rates of 40-50 in another patient could be owing to complete heart block, or beta-blockers.


Bradycardia: from Greek βραδύς (bradús, “slow”) and καρδία (kardía, “heart”).


Tachycardia: from Greek ταχύς (takhús, “swift”) + καρδία (kardía, “heart”)

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