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Assigning a page to a category

Similar to Wikipedia's policy, but not identical, as our material and users are different.

Try not to put articles in a ridiculous number of categories.

It is not strictly necessary for an article to be in any category, but wherever it will be helpful to have it appear in a category list, do put it in.

Articles may well belong in more than one category.

If an article is in a subcategory of a category, then consider whether it really needs to be also included in the category.

For example, MRSA is in Category:Bacteriology, which is a subcategory of Category:Microbiology. It is debatable whether MRSA should not also be included in Category:Microbiology.

Linking to a category page

Linking to a category page is similar to linking to any other ganfyd page - the name of the page is placed in double square brackets.

The difference is that simply putting "Category:Microbiology" into the double square brackets will categorise the page as being in the category "Microbiology". So, if you wish instead to create a link to the category page for microbiology, you have to precede the word category with a colon: