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Reasons for deleting a page

Various reasons might make it desirable to delete a page

  1. a page was created wrongly due to a misspelling
  2. a page was used to try out the wiki software
  3. a page contains manifest nonsense and can not be improved to be useful
  4. a page contains libelleous material
  5. a page contains material which breaches copyright
  6. a page was created as part of an act of vandalism

Before marking a page for deletion, consider whether there is an alternative that might be preferable. For example, if the page has an incorrectly spelled or inappropriate title, perhaps it should be moved to a new page with a more appropriate title. Moving a page leaves the original page in place as a redirect page (which will mean that any links to it will still work).

How to delete a page

Currently only admins are able to delete pages. To request that a page be deleted, please do any of the following:

  • Contact any admin on his talk page
  • Email, or
  • Add the page to the category "Pages for deletion" by adding the text {{delete}} at the top of the page