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  1. You only need to log in if you wish to contribute (edit or write) to GANFYD.
    • You do get some other privileges if you log in, like setting extra display preferences and monitoring changes
  2. First you must with GANFYD register.
  3. Ensure cookies are enabled for GANFYD in your browser. (Usually will be by default)
  4. Then once registered you can either:
    • Click on log in at the upper right of every page
    • Click on an [edit] option on a displayed page - you will be invited to log in
    • Try to Go in the search box to a non-existent page and then try to create the page - you will be invited to log in.

You can log out by selecting this option from the upper right of the page. The log out option will be displayed on all new pages you access after a log in. You can edit pages accessed before you logged in and that are open in the same browser that you logged in by. (This is a useful feature of tabbed browsers and cookies).