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The Recent changes page offers a default view of the last 50 edits made in the last week but you can display up to the last 500 changes in the last 30 days.

You can hide all minor edits which tend to be typos and have a few other options which are less useful.

The list looks like

Namespace: Invert selection 30 March 2006

  1. The second user "Anotheruser" has failed to explain their last edit change by entering text in the summary textbox when they saved their edit.
  2. The (diff) field takes you to the differences in the page from the previous version
  3. The (hist) field takes you to the complete history of edits on the page
  4. The Page title link takes you to the latest version of the page
  5. The Talk:Another topic link takes you to the talk page (discussion page) for the page in question
  6. The Anuser takes you to an individual users home page
  7. The (Talk) takes you to the users page where you can post comments that will be read next time that user logs in.

The bold m indicates minor edits.

If you are logged on as a user your personal preferences allow a javascript option which condenses the page display.

Finally please note that the above links are dummies. Go to recent changes to try out for yourself as you can do little harm.