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LogoKeyPointsBox.pngALARM FEATURES OF DYSPEPSIA requiring full assessment are:

Dyspepsia is an inprecise term which may encompass symptoms such as epigastric pain, stomach fullness, bloating of the abdomen and nausea.

The 3rd revision of the Rome criteria defines it as "the presence of 1 or more dyspepsia symptoms that are considered to originate from the gastroduodenal region, in the absence of any organic, systemic, or metabolic disease that is likely to explain the symptoms"

Info bulb.pngAntacids made of magnesium salts tend to be laxative, those made with aluminium salts constipating. A proprietary otc mixture popular and promoted in various places is made from half of each, claiming a neutral effect. Choosing medicines to obtain more than one effect is often helpful


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