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Induction is not training, nor testing

Each job in medicine has some local peculiarities, and each place to work whether hospital, Practice, city county or country has its own local peculiarities, characteristics and arrangements. Induction should be a matter of acquainting new people - doctors in this context - with the local arrangements.

Reducing pointless variation may reduce the effort involved in this.

These characteristics will change with time, whether diverging or converging, drifting or being deliberately changed. Convergence and avoiding arbitrary change will reduce the wasted efforts, and if the pace of change is sufficiently rapid repeating induction for doctors who move from one ward or department to another may be necessary. A modular design and imaginative management would, again, reduce wasted effort.

Observations by those doing the job may be no less accurate or useful than the view of those in charge of it or otehr departments, perhaps the ideal is to meld the two sources. You might wish to consider the wiki system as exemplified in Ganfyd.

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