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The Institut für Qualität u. Wirtschaftlichkeit im Gesundheitswesen (IQWiG, Institute for quality and efficiency in health care) is the German health technology assessment agency. It does not accept "commercial in confidence" data and does not make prioritisation decisions. It does however allow prices to be negotiated for reimbursement. Further, as German Federal law mandates that when a newly approved drug enters the German market, the pharmaceutical company responsible must submit a standardised dossier containing all available evidence of the drug’s added benefit over an appropriate comparator treatment, its reports often provide the best public domain data on a medications actual EU marketing authorisation indication. This is because phase III trial information in the public domain often reflect different patient populations to those actually given marketing authorisation. So relevant data from its reports are about 90% complete as opposed to less than 50% from other sources such as EMEA and the published literature as of 2015. A catch is that the detailed data is usually in German.

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