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Insulin Syringe An insulin syringe is a small capacity syringe with several features tailored to insulin administration:

  • They have fine side-markings that allow more accurate drawing up of insulin
  • They have a small capacity, usually 0.5ml or 1ml in total, as large amounts of insulin are rarely required
  • They have very fine-bore needles already attached (usually 29G or 31G)
  • They often come with an orange cap for easy identification and location.

More sophisticated 'pen' devices are able to house cartridges of insulin and disposable needles. These modern devices can be also allow easy of adjustment of the insulin dose, e.g. changing doses between morning and evening.

Other Uses

The fine bore of an insulin syringe makes it useful for delivering small blebs of local anaesthetic, e.g. prior to an ABG or peripheral venous cannulation. A 29 gauge needle and a 1ml syringe is a cheaper option as the volume markings do not need to be as precise and thus production is cheaper.

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