Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Act

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UK specific

The Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1990:

  • Defines within England, Scotland and Wales the legal framework for duty of care for waste, contaminated land and statutory nuisance and control of emissions into the environment.
  • Required that all new potentially polluting industrial plants would be required to undergo a process to ensure that any pollution is minimised; and that unacceptable levels do not arise
  • set out a timetable, under which all existing potentially polluting would be assessed in the same way as new processes.

Under the Act, Health Authorities are statutory consultees, who are required to respond to IPPC applications within a period of (IIRC) 30 days. (It is possible to "stop the clock" if more information is required.)

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After the abolition of Health Authorities in England, it was not originally clear who the consultee should be; but was since established that PCTs took on this role, supported by the Health Protection Agency. Now try the Environmental Agency as since 2013 its probably unclear again between CCGs and Public Health England. The Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) 2010 enable the Act

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Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations 2000 enable the Act

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Pollution Prevention and Control (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2003 enable the Act

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