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Common Name:Interferon alpha
Other Names, such as IUPAC Name
Interferon alpha-2, interferon alpha-A, LeIF A, interferon alpha-8 ,interferon alpha-B2, interferon alpha-B, LeIF B, interferon alpha-10, interferon alpha-C, interferon alpha-6L, LeIF C, interferon alpha-1/13, interferon alpha-D, LeIF D, interferon alpha-21, interferon alpha-F, LeIF F, interferon alpha-5, interferon alpha-G, interferon alpha-61, LeIF G, interferon alpha-14, interferon alpha-H, interferon lambda-2-H, LeIF H, interferon alpha-17, interferon alpha-T, interferon alpha-88, interferon alpha-I, LeIF I, interferon alpha-7, interferon alpha-J1, IFN-alpha-J1, interferon alpha-J, LeIF J, interferon alpha-4, interferon alpha-4B, interferon alpha-M1, interferon lpha-76, interferon alpha-6, interferon alpha-K, ,interferon alpha-54, LeIF K
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Interferon alphas are a large group of proteins (about 189 amino acids, length varies with post transcription processing) with very similar sequences encoded by several dublicated genes that tend to be expressed more by macrophages than fibroblasts. There are multiple naming conventions. They are type-1 interferons with antiviral activity. There are at least 8 genes that could be active at 9.22p and several apparent pseudogenes. These include:

Interferon stimulates production of oligoadenylate synthetase and phosphorylation/activation of:

  • Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4B (eIF4B)[1]
  • Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK)-integrating kinase (Mnk) 1[2]

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