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Named after the initials of the first case described (1971),[1] a patient called John Cunningham. The patient had Hodgkin's disease.

JCV is an oncogenic virus associated with brain tumours[2] and progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy. Primary infection with the virus is very common[3][4][5][6], but the virus is controlled by the immune system and remains dormant with adverse sequelae occuring only with immunosuppression (e.g. HIV or chemotherapy).

There is also a hypothesis that it may contribute to other cancers, including colorectal cancers,[7] particularly those with evidence of chromosomal instability. However, other studies have shown no association.[8][9]

The virus encodes 3 oncoproteins:

  • Large T-antigen
  • Small t-antigen
  • Agnoprotein

These proteins interact with cellular proteins dysregulating pathways including the cell cycle and DNA repair.


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