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  • Avoidance of transfusion and blood products
  • In all other ways very closely compliant with medical advice

Whole blood transfusions are rejected (see How Can Blood Save Your Life?). This is based on their understanding of the biblical admonition to "keep abstaining from blood" based on Acts 15:28, 29 (note that their bible has variations from the more standard Christian texts). Blood is not to be stored for later transfusion. As well, the donating of blood is considered improper.

The refusal of blood transfusions is frequently a significant issue among medical professionals, especially when it involves children. Some children of Jehovah's Witnesses have died subsequent to not having blood transfusions. In some countries, laws may impose limitations on physicians on the ability to withhold or withdraw blood transfusions or blood therapy from minors, particularly in life-threatening situations; parents who have prevented children under their care from receiving blood therapy in life-threatening situations may face prosecution

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