Karnofsky performance status scale

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Info bulb.pngDeveloped by American oncologists David A. Karnofsky and Joseph Burchenal in the 1940s as a means of better assessing the quality of life in cancer outcomes.

Karnofsky performance status scale. A scale intended to stratify patients by functional performance. It has been used prognostically and to help compare the effectiveness of interventions.[1]

  • Normal health 100%
  • Minor symptoms 90%
  • Normal activity with some effort 80%
  • Unable to carry on normal activity but able to care for oneself 70%
  • Requires occasional help with personal needs 60%
  • Disabled 50%
  • Requires considerable assistance and medical care 40%
  • Severely disabled, in hospital 30%
  • Very sick, active support needed 20%
  • Moribund 10%
  • Death 0


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