Kocher's manoeuvre (shoulder)

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Method to reduce an anterior shoulder dislocation described by Emil Kocher.[1]

  1. Elbow bent to 90 degrees and held close to body
  2. Slow external rotation to 75 degrees
  3. Point of elbow lifted forward and arm adducted
  4. Arm internally rotated

The technique is sometimes described with the operator applying traction and pressure to move the arm and sometimes with the operator merely supporting the arm and talking the patient through active movement.

There is a demonstration <http://www.shoulderdislocation.net/techniques/kocher.htm here> in a healthy patient.

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  1. Kocher T. Eine neue Reductionsmethode für Schuletrverrenkung. Berliner Klin Wehnschr 1870;7: 101-5.
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